Where Does Remy Hair Come From

Have you ever used Remy Hair Extensions? What is Remy hair? Where does the hair come from? What’s Remy Hair Remy hair is gathered from the head of donors/producers. All hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew, top at top, and ends at ends. Remy hair remains softer and silkier. It
More and more people like two-strand twists. People can easily enjoy this style without cutting out, whether their hair is natural or relaxed. How to Create Two-Strand Twists Twist or crisscross two strands of hair together, creating double strand twists. You can simply loop strands over each other over and over until you reach the
Hair extensions with strand by strand technique is what most hair stylists will recommend to you when you go to hair salons. Here are some basic knowledge of strand by strand technique. Strand by strand technique is where hair extensions with a glue bond are attached to small pieces of your hair using warm or

How to Add Volume in Your Hair

High volume is the one of the most popular hairstyle.Hair extensions can help you easily create the desired style, whether you have thick or thin hair. People can easily obtain high-quality, natural-looking extensions. 1. Prepare Hair and Extensions Use a light mousse to wash your hair, and then blow-dry it, adding texture and volume to
Are you still worried about your flyaways? Here are some tips to help you get rid those annoying falyaways. 1. Use deep conditioner and oil to moisturize hair. If your hair isn’t getting enough moisture, you easily get flyaways during the winter and spring. Besides, both low humidity and dry air are also most common

How to Blend Natural Hair With Curly Hair

Kinky curly hair is one of the hottest trends of the year, many celebrities are wearing kinky curly hair extensions. If you have naturally curly hair, you can easily blend your hair with kinky curly weaves.  While it requires a bit more effort if you have naturally straight, relaxed hair pattern. How to blend natural
How to Make Individual Braids With Hair Extensions

Braiding With Human Hair For Black Women

Do you know how to braid hair with human hair extensions? 1. Buy hair Know what kind of braided hairstyle you want. If you want to achieve the right look, you should buy virgin remy hair. It is easy to handle slightly coarser or curlier hair. And this style holds long. 2. Prepare Extensions and
7A Brazilian Virgin Hair Box Braids
Tips for removing braided hair extensions without damaging or loss. 1. Carefully Wash If you have kinky or kinky-curly hair, you should avoid washing or conditioning braids with any product that dries the strands, because coarse hair tends to loc together over time. To keep each strand healthy and separated from the others, you can

How To Care For Tape In Hair Extensions

Wash and style your hair as usual with a tape-in weave because wig and weave tape does not wash out easily with normal shampoos and conditioners. Note: too scalp oils will loosen the tape bond. With proper care, your tape hair extensions can last for up to two months. However, you are suggested to remove

How Do Tape Hair Extensions Work

Do your hair extensions look natural? Try tape-in hair extensions to get seamless integration of luxuriant, perfect hair. Attach strips of clear, double-sided tape to the base of a weft of Remy or virgin human hair. Tape these wefts to the scalp. Your natural scalp is completely visible because the tape used is completely flexible

How to Cut and Layer Hair Extensions

Do you know how to cut your own hair extensions into layers? Step 1. Install Extensions Install hair extensions on your head. Never rely on a wig head to replicate the shape, size, or needs of your scalp. Style the extensions to fall in the final look. Part hair where you want the final part
U-tip hair extensions U-tip hair extensions are hair extensions that are pre-tipped with keratin and are applied to the client by use of a hot hair extension iron. This type of hair extension is also called “Fusion.” When it comes to fusion hair extensions, you should think about the heat application. And, how comfortable you

How To Curl Human Hair Extensions

More and more people like wavy curls nowadays. What if you don’t have them when born? Virgin remy hair extensions is an option, and you can curl your hair extensions if you want extra smoothness. The type of hair extensions you are rocking right now is always a priority. You may choose hot or pin
Always begin with your natural texture. You need at least ½ inch of new growth for most hairstyles. It is recommended to wait for your hair to grow out. Don’t try to LOC relaxed hair. It will lead to breakage, wasting all your efforts. Wear braids or a wig before growing hair. Then, make a
Creating & maintaining a beautiful hair style need a lot of time, patience and hard. Everyone has a different hairstyle. There are many factors that you should consider when choosing a hair style. 1. Cost of Money & Time Consider the time, money and patience. In general, once the hair process has begun, the biggest

Tips For Dying Human Hair Extensions

Now, more and more people use hair extensions to change their hairstyles. And, most of them choose Remy hair extensions because this type of hair extensions can stay one year or longer.  Some people want to know whether they can dye their human hair extensions. Can you dye human hair extensions Of course, the answer
Remy, Yaky, Virgin, Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian or Chinese Hair
Do you know how to take care of your virgin remy hair extensions properly? Braid remy hair or place it in a bun, keeping it in tip top shape. While sleeping, you can wear a silk cap to keep hair from moving. Placing hair in a braid and wearing a silk cap can also prevent

Quick Weave vs. Sew-In Weave

Time is life. We don’t want to waste time. Some people will choose time-saving hair extension applications. And, here are 6 reasons why we should not get a quick weave. 1. Products used to seal the hair can damage it. Your stylist wet wraps your hair, glue wefts of human or synthetic hair extensions to

How To Do Box Braids On Natural Hair

You’ve no doubt heard of box braids. However, do you know how to do this on your hair? 1. Shampoo and condition hair. Box braids are more permanent. Conditioner make your hair has a lot of moisture. Once your braids are in, you can give them a good washing. 2. Take dry hair and section
How to get lustrous curls from your straight hair? How to tame your kinky/curly hair into larger and softer waves simply and effectively? Fortunately, Bantu knots and Bantu knot-outs can help you. Try the following steps to create this truly versatile style. Step 1. Wash hair. Wash hair carefully, especially the scalp as it will
Clip-In Human Hair Extensions Color 1B-1

How to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions

More and more people are now beginning to use hair extensions. It can change the length and volume of your hair. It can change your hair’s color or texture. It can preserve and protect your hair. However, some people may still wear full head weaves. What should you do if don’t want a long term
How to own long hair without split ends, frizz? Fortunately, tape-in hair extensions can help us. Tape-in extensions are a healthy and safe solution to hair extensions. They don’t put an abundance of stress on your scalp. You can stick them on a strong, non-slip, durable sticker. Tape-in hair extensions give a natural, flawless look

How to Blend Natural Hair Into Weave

Some people like leaving a section of hair out while sewing their weaves for added versatility and a more realistic look, as their hair’s texture matches the extensions perfectly. However, how to blend your natural hair into weave if you do not want to use hair weave extensions? 1. Twist or braid at night Twist
Brazilian Lace Closure Virgin Hair Body Wave 4×4 Free Part

Types Of Parts For Black Women’s Hair

Hair can become almost as intrinsic to a high quality of life. Many people have been parting their hair. Now, try something new, and change your part to revolutionize your look. Try styling part with closures. 1. Deep Side Part People with square or oval faces can try deep side part which angles more dramatically
Full lace wigs are made from human hair. The lace will expand to accommodate different head sizes and the growth of your natural hair underneath. Human hair full lace wigs have a cap made entirely of lace with usually a strip of stretch lace across the top to make them more ‘one size fits all’.
There are over 200 thousand new cases of breast cancer diagnoses every year. Their hair and skin are dramatically affected by chemotherapy. Depend mostly on the type and dosage of chemo patients receive, the side effects of chemotherapy range from thinning to total baldness. Hair loss is temporary for most people. However, hair loss is

How to Trim Your Own Split Ends

Many women will spend money going to a hair stylist to style their hair, color their hair or trim their hair. However, in general, if your hair is damaged, you can trim it by yourself instead of going to a hair stylist. Thus, you can save big over the long-term. There is no doubt that
Do you feel confused about hair extension terms? Do you know what the difference is between hot fusion, cold fusion and skin wefts? All of them are wonderful hair extensions. However, they slightly different. 1. Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Hot fusion is a strand method that is attached at the keratin based tips with a

Cover Your Hair Loss With Lace Wigs

Are you still worrying about the hair loss? Now, with the development of wig technology, you can wear a suitable one which makes you look as if you have natural hair on head. A full lace wig or a lace front wig is a good option if you have total baldness or partial baldness. Now,

Wig Cap Construction Types & Wig Terms

The construction methods for wigs are various. Each has its own merits. Traditional or Wefted Cap Traditional or Wefted Cap is the most common construction method. This cap has a lace piece inside the cap under the crown area, providing comfort to the wearer. Usually, this cap has a Skin like a piece in the