Hair Extensions DIY

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No doubt, everyone wants to own a beautiful hairstylist in wedding. Here are 4 wedding hair tips and tricks to help you own a stress-free and great hair day at your wedding. 1. Pick the right wedding hairstyle The first thing you should do is to pick the right wedding hairstyle (such as updo, soft
Here are 4 easy ways to help you change up your look without damaging hair. 1. Part With Your Regular Hair Part Changing hair part can make a huge difference and totally reinvent your look. Parting hair can help to add volume and dimension at the roots, framing your face in a totally new way.
You can try the following 3 easy hairstyles on Valentine’s Day. 1. Stacked Side Braid Clip in hair extensions, achieving a more voluminous braid. Bring all of hair to one side of your face, and take a small chunk of hair and put it aside for now. Braid hair in a regular three-stand braid, and

Top Fall Hair Color Trends & Ideas

Here are 6 tips and tricks to help you change hair color for the fall season. 1. Try out lowlights Lowlights are darker pieces of hair. They are dyed underneath layers and around the neck to provide dimension and movement to the hair. They are a great way to go darker for the fall without
To dye or not to dye, that is a question. If you are still puzzling over this problem, you should know some basic information about coloring hair at first. Hair is mostly made of keratin which is colorless and is arranged in overlapping scales in a hair strand, which makes it flexible. 1. Permanent Hair
Here are 3 easy and chic hairstyles of 2019. 1. High, Sleek Ponytail High ponytail gives a fun, flirty, yet elegant look, and it can be styled with straight or curled hair for a more voluminous look. At the crown of head, create a mini ponytail and secure it with elastic. Clip two 4 and/or
5-minute romantic updo tutorial for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and weddings. If you are using hair extensions, you can clip your four-clip wefts together and then add your three clip wefts which will create two sets of “super wefts” into this hairstyle to make it even more full and luscious. Prepare work: A clear
To make you shine on your first week back to school, you can try some cute and fun hairstyle. Monday: Lazy Day Curls In the first day of school, you can choose a lazy day curls. To add body and dimension to your hair without making it look like you tried too hard, you can
Have you ever heard of Brigitte Bardot? In today’s post, you will find more details about the ultimate Parisian babe: Brigitte Bardot. People have emulated her style for decades. Her signature voluminous hair is effortless shaped, perfectly textured and effortlessly cool. A signature ponytail is created and can work for any occasion, especially for the
People with short hair can try the following 5 cute and easy hairstyles. 1. Messy Bun If you should’ve been out the door 5 minutes ago but still want to look effortlessly put together, you can try this hairstyle. Leave a few pieces to frame the front of your face before styling hair, creating a