When installing braided hair extensions, keep these in mind. Braids should be smaller than the part. Try using a lot of hair per section to braid to achieve a fuller look and hide some of the parts. Parts should be smaller than half an inch by half an inch. Incorporate less hair into each braid

When Braiding Hair With Weave

Braid hair weave after washing and conditioning. Before braiding, you should wash and dry hair, and avoid using any products. Give yourself the time you need to braid hair. The braids near the edges of the hair cannot be too tight. Related Posts Cover Your Hair Loss With Lace Wigs How to Do a Sew
How to Make Individual Braids With Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions provide a natural look to those who want to add the fullness and thickness to their own hairs. We can apply the hair extensions by gluing, sewing, bonding or even use the keratin with the help of stylists. If you want to save money, you can also learn to braid your hair in