Hair Care & Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips on hair care and maintenance. Eat a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Take a multi-vitamin with Methylosulfonylmethane (MSM). MSM not only can extend the lifespan of your individual hairs but also alleviates dry scalp. Consult your doctor before taking vitamins. Trim away split ends as necessary. You need only be
Here are some tips on hair cleansing, conditioning & drying. Use coconut oil or olive oil to pre-poo your hair. Coconut oil can prevent damage because it helps hair retain its protein levels. It prevents wear and tear (from expansion and contraction) over time because it limits the amount of water the strands absorb. When
Here are some tips on styling your natural hair. Use hair accessories with no hanging parts or exposed metal. Avoid pulling hair tight at the hairline. Completely stop heat styling. To keep your hair on your head, let it air drying. Never ever tease your hair. This is a cardinal sin against highly textured hair.
If you are tired of curly hair, you can straighten it. However, when straightening hair, we take the risk of heat damage. Here are some tips to help you flat iron your natural hair without heat damage. Preparations Use a clarifying shampoo or an apple cider vinegar to rinse hair to remove build-up. Deep condition
Using protective hairstyles is not the only way to grow long healthy hair. While it is true that many people have achieved amazing lengths from protective styling, some have never got results from all their efforts. Too much protective styling leads to tangles, dryness, and breakages. For these people, we recommend low manipulation styles. Low

Using Hair Weave As A Protective Style

Want to use a weave as a protective style? Things to Do Before Installing Hair Weave Use a gentle and quality product to wash and deep condition hair. Moisturize the length of the hair. Let hair air-dry. Take and wash the weave that you are going to install. Clarify and deep condition the hair, and
Benefits of Stretching Your Hair Stretching natural hair allows you to see your hair length. Stretching natural hair prepares the hair for other styles. Stretching natural hair makes for an easier detangling session. How to Stretch Natural Hair Without Using Direct Heat Set, and then separate Install a style (such as braids, twists, flexi rods,

Benefits of Steaming Natural Hair

What should you do if your natural hair is extremely dry? Try steaming hair. You can use a handheld hair steamer, or a standing steamer to add moisture in the form of moist heat to the hair strands. Benefits of Steaming Natural Hair 1. Refreshes curls without starting over In winter, you can add moisture
How to achieve a wash and go on Type 4 hair (which is curly while wet but frizzy when dry, according to “Andre Walker Hair Typing System”)? If you apply products without doing thorough, you could have puffy roots. You have to use your fingers to evenly shingle throughout your hair. Using a comb in
It is said that a good leave-in conditioner can detangle strands, reduce fly-aways, tame frizz, and even keep curls soft and smooth. However, most people don’t know what types of leave-in conditioners to choose whenever they need it. People with fine stands should not choose products that are too heavy. People with thick, coarse hair