Hair Extensions FAQs

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Do you know what the different types and methods of hair extensions? Methods of Hair Extensions 1. Tape-In Hair Extensions Definition They are pre-taped and then taped/glued together on either side of your own hair. Treatment It is recommended to use special shampoo/conditioner and styling products that are less harsh and not as oily to

Types of Afros: Afro Hairstyles

Today, new Afros are created to celebrate African-American culture throughout the world. 1. Twists Applying twists to an Afro to add dimension. Shape curls close to the head in rows, or let it loose wild, forming Afro style. Separate the hair and create twists that can hang in different lengths or partially brush out for
Long, long ago, African people have been used braids to signify social, economic and marital status. Today, braids play a new important role in the heritage of African-Americans. Two Most Popular Braids Similarities Differences Country Plait (its variation) Attained by sectioning the hair and braiding it very close to the scalp in rows. Can be
Today, people use different methods and techniques like hair fusion technique to change hair’s length as well as volume. Want to know more details about hair fusion? Definition of Hair Fusion Hair fusion uses hair adhesives to fuse together natural hair strands with artificial hair strands. Stylists bond the adhesive, natural hair and artificial hair

Difference Between Hot and Cold Fusion

Weaves are prevalent in today, for they not only can make statements about their self-image but also can hide hair loss from diseases. Although braidless techniques can tend to appear more natural, most users choose fusion techniques since they tend to last longer. However, if not carefully apply fusion techniques, hair follicles will get damaged.
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Malaysian braidless weave, known as the pinch method, is a weave system without using glue. If you use this method, your natural hair can breathe more easily. Want to know more details about this health weave system? Features of Malaysian Braidless Weaving 1. No Braiding People whose hair is too short for conventional braiding techniques,

How to Wash a Glued-In Hair Weave

As we know, a well-cared for glued-in weave can be used for one to two months. And, you had better wash your hair regularly before the glue begins to loosen, preventing it from accumulating salt, dirt and mold. Here’s how to wash a glued-in hair weave. Use warm water to wet your hair. Apply a
It’s not easy to spot fake hair! Here are some telltale signs to help you spot fake hair or weave! 1.Two types of weave: synthetic and human hair Synthetic hair Human hair Cost Range from $20 to $60 Range from $100 to $400. Quality Begin to look old after only a few weeks of wear
No. Your hair will continue to grow at its normal rate – fast or slow; hair extensions won’t change that, but they will give you the length or volume you crave in the meantime. Having the extra hair can take the focus off your own hair, and before you know it, it’ll be grown out

What Does “Remy” Hair Mean?

“Remy” Hair means all the cuticles are intact, and are all lying in the same direction. If some hairs are lying one way, and some are going the other way, the hair strand will tangle easily and won’t last as long. It will look ragged and damaged faster than hair that has all the cuticles